These Comics Have A Literary Quality

The best graphic novels form a link between literature and comic books. That is true when adult subjects and a sophisticated writing style meet the visual impact of comics. Numerous works have influenced not only the world of comics but also pop culture worldwide. They have left their mark in literature, as well as, in…

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Subtle Reoccurring Themes in Comic Books

In the world of comics, some thematic motifs – such as superheroes, aliens and fantasy creatures – enjoy enormous success, making up a large part of the genre’s public image. The past decade has seen the biggest superheroes from DC and Marvel Comics break out from publishing and bleed into the mainstream media, creating more…

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How Did Comics Turn So Dark?

When our superheroes first donned their tights and capes, they were avenging angels that put all of the wrongs in the world right. They fought evil and could be relied upon to save stranded kittens up trees, and helping old ladies cross the roads safely. These bastions of morality only beat-up criminals as a very…

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