The director of the super hit The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan, repeatedly surprises his viewers with crazy twists. The follow-up project to the box office hit “Unbreakable” with Bruce Willis has already been dedicated to the superhero genre. The director’s latest work is devoted to age. Logically, the film is called “Old”. The film is based on the Swiss graphic novel “Sandcastle” by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters. But Shyamalan doesn’t slavishly stick to the plot of the novel for his film adaptation but changes a lot of content at will.

A family of four were on vacation. There they discovered a well-hidden secluded beach, which did not seem to be crowded. The family were looking forward to a relaxing day by the sea. Little did they know the beach had a terrible surprise in store for them. As the day went by, more people came around to ease up on the shore. However, that was not the issue at all.

Everything started going downhill when one of the children found a body while swimming. The remains decayed entirely in a matter of moments. At that point, the children suddenly noticed that they were starting to age rapidly too. So was the case for everyone present on the beach, the aging process set in at lightning speed. At such rapid pace, everyone would have died the next day. The situation tensed up even more when the characters realised that leaving the beach was not possible. They found themselves trapped without an exit in a paradisiacal place.

Intoxicating Images with Constricted Dialogues

The plot sounds like an excellent potential for a thriller, but the director conveys these moments very subtly. We see aging in different manifestations, which are enough to trigger our fear, but the horror itself is often only mildly hinted at in the film. Shayamalan relies entirely on the element of surprise, and you could even say that he takes it to the extreme. Viewers anticipate more than they see. Camera angles are calculated and smart, and with excellent filming, the impact of certain events is even greater. “Old” captivates the viewers with its clear images and unusual camera placement.

Intoxicating Images with Constricted Dialogues

Unfortunately, the dialogues lag behind the optical spectacle. They seem very constricted at times, but time still flies by in an instant. The film is also easy to watch due to the final twist. Shyamalan does not disappoint his fans and delivers a shocking turn of events in the story at the very end. Believe me when I say that it is crazy, and it will undoubtedly leave people discussing it for a long time. However, the reviews of the film are mixed. It could be because of the expectations that the trailer has aroused but the film hasn’t delivered. “Old” builds up slowly, it is philosophical and melancholic, which possibly scared some potential fans off.

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