Over the past five years the quality of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror in film, books, and graphic novels has been exceptional. The quality of the themes and stories has been quite stellar and in 2017 there was seven dark graphic novels that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Kill or Be Killed

Kill or Be Killed is the latest in the high quality crime-dramas from Sean Phillips and Ed Brubacker. This highly popular team seem to have the sign on them that everything they produce turns to gold. The lead character is called Dylan who has a really unfortunate self-destruction propensity. His acts are often violent, and this is a result of a demon that is stalking him, but the problem is that Dylan does not know if the demon is actually real or just a fragment of his own tortured imagination. The reader gets dragged deeper into Dylan’s murderous lifestyle.

My Favourite Thing is Monsters

Supposedly a journal of a ten-year-old girl, this exciting novel is in a really artistic style. And the drawings are illustrated in pencil and biro. The plot is centered in ‘60s Chicago, when the heroine Karen takes it upon herself to solve the murder of her upstairs neighbor. The eerie thing is that the victim was a holocaust survivor, which makes the murder even more sinister. The story takes the reader on an emotional adventure as the heroine tries to understand the idea that monsters actually live in the form of humans.

House of Penance

For a proper modern reflection on gothic horror, House of Penance fits the bill exactly. The plot centers on the main character’s family home, which she inherited from her family the Winchester family, who owned the famous Winchester Rifle company.The fortune made from the sale of weapons is rapidly in decline as Sarah Winchester has employed a team of laborers to expand the family home both as a penance and to protect her from the ghosts of the people that were slain by her family’s weapons.

Black Monday Murders

If you have a dislike of banks and financial institutions, then you will love Black Monday Murders, written and illustrated by Jonathan Hickman and Tom Coker.The explosive truth is that the financial institution that is underpinning the whole of society is actually run by an occult group.A New York detective, Theo Dumas, who is investigating a murder stumbles across the truth of the occult conspiracy and realizes that there are dark and ancient forces in play. Bit by bit he puts together a plot that has been thousands of years in the making and has ritual sacrifice, power, and money all caught up in it.The book is chillingly grounded in realism, and totally believable in that we do not fully know who holds the true power in the world. It brings our attention fully to large corporations and institutions who have nameless faces that dictate how we live our lives.   

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