The art of writing and illustrating dark graphic novels if anything has been growing stronger in the last decade or so, and in 2017 there was some excellent books produced that not only had fantastic storylines but superb illustrations and drawings. We have been taking a look at the magnificent seven, which are seven of the best graphic novels that came out of this period, and we continue our journey with The Girl from the Other Side.

The Girl from the Other Side

The novel is set in another world, which is mysterious and creepy. Its occupants are called Outsiders which are non-human creatures who have the power to curse if they even touch you. A young girl named Shiva befriends one of the Outsiders and proceeds to go on a quest through the plague-ravaged landscape of the mystery world. Their relationship is to say the least strange, but they form a bond that helps them protect each other from the dangers that surround them. The Girl from the Other Side is almost like a fairy tale, and it combines a plethora of mythologies that add to the overall powerful storyline. The illustrations are kept simple and so is the text so the reader is placed in an almost dreamlike experience with part of the book being acted out in the head. In a way this book is really quite creepy, the action all happens somewhere else and most of the protagonists have no faces. The book keeps it secrets well hidden away only revealing them slowly which keeps the reader coming back for more. 

Anno Dracula

Our sixth book takes us into the world of Kim Newman and her excellent series that is all about the mythology of Dracula and his life. If you enjoy your graphic novels on the darker side then this story has everything, graphic text and gory illustrations in abundance. The story is based on the premise that Nosferatu was never defeated, and the rather far-fetched idea that he travelled to England and somehow became the Prince Regent. This of course is all great fun but Dracula finds himself battling against the Grey Men who are a bunch of anarchists who are trying to destroy the royal family. Anno Dracula is a brilliant gothic romp, it is terrific fun and full of inventive writing.

Dead Orbit

The Dead Orbit series takes us back to Alien and its brilliant sequel Aliens. And it is a canon of stories that does justice to James Cameron’s novel. The author and illustrator, James Stokoe, has painstakingly recreated a storyline that is worthy of the original text. The plot is dripping with intrigue and suspense, and fans of the original will love this series. A desolate police station is visited by a mysterious ship which does not respond to any contact efforts. The scene is set and the formula is legendary, you know what is coming but can’t stop reading it. This is because the author has written really believable characters, who themselves are scared stiff at what is coming next, compelling reading that you cannot put down.

Dead Orbit
Dead Orbit
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