For lovers of graphic novels they are fully aware that this genre of book can offer so much more than a traditional paperback or words-only book. But there are many avid readers who have never picked up a graphic novel and read it.

This is because of a perception that a graphic novel is little more than a comic and it really is only for children. This perception is wrong on so many levels, often the story-line of a graphic novel is complex and highly original, and the drawings embellish the text for added clarity and enjoyment. 

If you are pondering whether or not to read your first graphic novel then we have listed some suggestions that you might want to start with.

High Soft Lisp – Gilbert Hernandez

The action in this cleverly written novel starts in the fictional world of Palomar and then moves on to America. It is obvious that Gilbert Hernandez has an obsession with buxom women, but they are not portrayed sexually, just as powerful women.

The main character is Fritz who is a curious acting extra that also has a side job as a lisping therapist. Her story is one of struggle and of being accepted by the ones closest to her. The artwork brings humor to the proceedings and keeps the novel engaging and moving along.

Gast – Carol Swain

Gast is an extremely contemplative book, it makes the reader ponder on how the world treats certain people who don’t seem to fit in. The story-line flows gently and follows an eleven-year-old girl who is on a journey through the countryside of Wales.

During her trip she discovers she can talk to the wildlife, and the animals tell of of the recent death of a rare bird, which actually turns out to be a farmer with a dark secret. The book is a sort of murder mystery and is a compelling read.

Ice Haven – Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes is a prolific author in the field of graphic novels, Ghost World, David Boring, and Curb Your Enthusiasm are just some of the blockbuster titles that he has written. His drawings are sarcasm in art, and elevate the text to another level.

The novel is about a boy who is kidnapped and the people who are affected by his disappearance. This includes his abductor and is relayed in humorous page-style strips. This book can be read and enjoyed by readers of any age which is a tribute to its author.

Special Exits – Joyce Farmer

If somebody ever tells you that comics are just for kids do not believe them, in fact give them a copy of Special Exits and they will definitely change their minds. Joyce Farmer has strong connections with feminist movements and her passion comes out in her writing.Special Exits is an account of the love between a daughter and her parents, it is moving and touching in the extreme. The author actually trashed thirty-five pages of work as she considered it unworthy in respect to her parents. These books vary immensely in content and style and show just how powerful graphic novels can be.   

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